Ole Kassow was riding a bicycle in his hometown of Copenhagen, Denmark, when he passed an elderly man using a walker. Kassow started thinking about how sad it would be to lose the ability to ride a bicycle, to never feel the wind in your hair again.

A few days later, he rented a trishaw (like a rickshaw) and showed up at a nearby nursing home and asked if anyone wanted a ride.

Gertrude said yes, and for the next hour as he pedaled, his passenger talked all about her life. When he returned to the home and told the staff about the outing, they said, “But Gertrude doesn’t speak.”

“The initiative is to get both generations to see the value in connecting.” — Tracy McGinnis, Director of Philanthropy at Southminster retirement community

“That’s when it started dawning upon me the power of cycling together,” Kassow told a TED Talk audience. After that first ride, he founded Cycling Without Age. The movement Kassow launched has spread to more than 1,100 chapters worldwide. The first U.S. chapter, in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, was established in 2013.

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