Southminster residents and staff began a series of volunteer programs this week with Freedom School Partners (FSP). Freedom School provides quality educational enrichment programs for needy school children throughout the summer. This week, scholars from FSP are coming to Southminster to work with residents, staff, and Horticultural Therapist Bobbie Mabe from South Mecklenburg High School to work on hands-on gardening activities. Participants are learning how plants grow, what it means for food to be organic, and how food processing and dining have changed over the last 50 years.

Next month, FSP scholars will come to Southminster to hold an energetic pep rally called Harambee (HAH-RAHM-BAY), and Southminster volunteers will be joining the students at Quail Hollow Middle School to read to the children and have lunch with them.

The Freedom School partnership promises to be a rewarding endeavor for everyone involved! Learn more about Freedom School by clicking here.