On Sunday, March 8th, Southminster unveiled a custom designed work of art given in honor of residents William “Bill” and Harriet Barnhardt. As a tribute to the Barnhardts’ many contributions to their family, Charlotte and the community at large, the family commissioned local artist Beau Lyday of Farmstead Studios to design a sculpture that would serve as a beacon of light and love on the Southminster campus. It was unveiled to the applause of a grateful community of family and friends.

Artist Lyday specializes in designing and creating 3-dimensional art that can “mesmerize a person, moving one to a place of safety or sanctuary and instilling a sense of peace.” This awe-inspiring 44” x 98” x 20” sculpture was created to serve as a symbol of hope and serenity amid strife. Entitled “Firelight,” it was inspired by a photo of Notre Dame during the 2019 fire depicting the rose window located between the ribbed vaulted interior ceiling and the actual roof in the attic of Notre Dame. Only open to the attic, the window did not draw much attention. Bill and Harriet’s son, Alan, stated, “This reminds me of how my parents operated. Always working behind the scenes. But, the beauty was always there.”
The family hopes that this piece of art will provide a place of meditation and inspiration for residents and visitors to Southminster.

“It’s quite an honor for everyone here at Southminster that the family chose to recognize Bill and Harriet in this way. This wonderful piece will inspire us all on a daily basis,” said Tracy McGinnis, Director of Philanthropy.

“I have accepted that my timespan to create is shortening. It takes longer and harder work to accomplish what I envision. I realize that what I do needs to be worth the time I invest.” Firelight Artist Beau Lyday