CHARLOTTE, N.C.— Southminster, South Charlotte’s premier Life Plan retirement community, and The Ivey, a non-profit organization devoted to memory wellness education and respite programs, have announced a new collaboration — Fridays-At-The Ivey Brain Health Workshops. The 12-week workshops will be led by a panel of clinical experts from diverse fields, ranging from licensed clinical psychologists and registered pharmacists to occupational therapists and wellness coaches.
Why is society sharpening its focus on brain health now? Because, with rates of death from Alzheimer’s Disease increasing, scientific research is now embracing the new frontier of brain health. Research is teaching us the value of enhancing our brain’s health for a clearer, sharper mind.
Experts advise starting to prioritize brain health early when you are still part of the “worried-well,” those who have begun to worry because we have a family history of dementia or know someone who does. Participants may also benefit from the workshops if they are experiencing mental cloudiness from pandemic social isolation, menopause, cancer treatment, anesthesia, COVID-19 or other reasons.
You’ll learn that what’s good for the heart is also good for the brain as you strive not to just add years to your life, but life to your years. “Dementia does not have to be your destiny as you age,” said Lynn Ivey, Founder of The Ivey. No matter what your genetic profile or your family history says, your dedication to holistic life enrichment, setting goals to work specifically on cognitive exercises, sleep and hydration, and making simple behavioral changes can make a real difference.
“When the participants leave the Brain Health Workshops, I hope they look back on their experience with great joy, enthusiasm, and hope for what lies ahead for each of them,” said Ben Gilchrist, President and CEO at Southminster, sponsor of the workshops.
The Fridays-at-The-Ivey Brain Health Workshops will take place at The Ivey, 6030 Park South Drive, Charlotte. For information about workshop dates, call The Ivey at 704-909-2070.

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