CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Southminster’s mission has long included a commitment to collaborate with like-minded organizations to accelerate impact on all generations across Charlotte Mecklenburg’s broader community. The community’s latest initiative has given birth to a new partnership with Memory & Movement Charlotte, a nonprofit practice providing comprehensive clinical and diagnostic expertise for individuals with cognitive and movement concerns.
The practice focuses on education, support, and empowerment for both patients and those who care for them. Their work greatly enhances the lives of families on a daily basis. “Dr. Edwards and his amazing staff, especially his nurse Shelly, have walked this difficult walk with me and my husband in indescribable ways,” said Georgia Ann Porcher. “They have truly partnered and supported the caregiver through this long journey. My family joins me in thanking them for their skill and compassion as we continue down this road.”

According to Ben Gilchrist, President and CEO at Southminster, “We are now going a step farther in our collaboration by expanding our Embrace Clinic to include a satellite location for Memory & Movement. This expanded access will not only enhance health outcomes for our residents, but for those living in the greater Charlotte region.”

“We could not manage this journey of my husband’s dementia without Dr. Edwards and Memory and Movement Charlotte (MMC),” says Eutha Hobson. Chuck Edwards is a personal friend of my husband from his medical practice days. It has truly been a blessing to be able to see Dr. Edwards at Southminster, where we live. The support from MMC has been a godsend for our family.”

Southminster Patient Scholarship
The Southminster Patient Scholarship program was designed to eliminate financial barriers some patients and caregivers face when attempting to access quality care in our region. Specifically, the scholarships assist families who need help affording Memory & Movement Charlotte’s annual fee and also help offset the cost of clinical services for patients who need assistance.
Dealing with a progressive memory or movement condition is incredibly difficult, and the scholarship fund relieves the additional stress of financial concerns. In calendar year 2022, 68 patients applied for and received full or partial scholarships. Since September, clinical fees were waived for patients who do not have sufficient insurance coverage and fees were waived for patients who entered hospice. Physicians waived annual fees for an additional 62 patients, many of whom have significant financial need but were unable to complete a scholarship application.
“We are committed to treating every family in need of our services, regardless of their ability to pay,” said Dr. Charles Edwards II, M.D., Founding Physician at Memory & Movement Charlotte. “Scholarship support makes it possible for us to keep that promise in a way that is financially sustainable. We are deeply grateful to Southminster for their critical role in helping us meet the increasing demand for compassionate, comprehensive care.”
“Partnering with another non-profit in this manner means people experiencing Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and related conditions now have another way to access the best in diagnosis, treatment, support and education that our region has to offer,” said Tracy McGinnis, VP Philanthropy & Strategic Initiatives at Southminster.

About Memory & Movement Charlotte
Memory & Movement Charlotte currently serves nearly 1,300 patients and over 3,000 caregivers. As the overall population ages and as diagnoses of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s and related disorders climbs in the next few years, they anticipate their patient base will increase significantly. In North Carolina, over 180,000 people are living with Alzheimer’s disease and over 358,000 family members and friends are providing care. Close to one million Americans live with Parkinson’s disease, more than 36,000 of them in the Carolinas. An estimated 4 percent are diagnosed before age 50.