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Halloween costume party has gone viral on Tik Tok!

We are excited to announce that our video on the resident Halloween costume party has gone viral on Tik Tok! The video now has 3.7 MM views, over 835,000 likes! Congrats to our Social Media Specialist, Miriam Prado for making it happen. Check out the video here:...

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VIOLETA POWELL – My Life of Travel & Adventure

I was born in 1941 in Talca, Chile, a prosperous, temperate farming region.  I was the youngest of three and grew up in a house run by a General, not my father. No, it was my mother.  She was the daughter of a French mining engineer who believed that daughters should...

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LIFE ON THE RANGE – by Anna-Louise Fitzgerald

Would you believe in 1958-1959, at age 17, I won first place in the SC State Women's Diving Championship Competitions for the National Swimmers Association on the 3-meter boards?! In public pools, that was the 10’ high dive! I later married my husband who completed...

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