On Thursday, February 6th at 11:00 a.m., Southminster will welcome guest speaker Christine O’Boyle from the American Heart Association who will present, “Living a Heart Healthy Lifestyle,” in which she will tell her fascinating, first-hand experience with heart disease.  This vibrant, active mother of three adult boys eats right, exercises, and always has the energy to stay on the go. Little did she know that the same heart disease that took her father at an early age was secretly destroying her own heart. Unfortunately, even though Christine took care of her health by eating right, not smoking, and being physically active, she had genetics against her. When her father was just 46 years old, he died in her arms of a sudden massive heart attack. This is what she though having a heart attack was like, not what she experienced. Since her attack, Christine began volunteering for the American Heart Association, and for over 10 years, she has made it her mission to educate friends and family about heart disease and the importance of knowing the signs and symptoms.

This is just one of the special events Southminster will be holding during the month of February. Watch for announcements of more events, both educational and fun, coming during the next few weeks.