With the COVID vaccine process underway, Southminster has renewed hope that life will someday return to normal. Communication though from both national and state experts continues to emphasize caution as the COVID effects from the holidays may lead to a further increase in case positivity. With the local infection rate at its highest level since the pandemic began, Gibbie Harris, Mecklenburg County’s Public Health Director, recently released a statement encouraging people to stay home through mid-February, in an effort to combat the rising rates. So our message to all is simple, “Act like everyone you meet has COVID!” As such, we ask our residents and staff to continue practicing social distancing, and to continue to wear masks and wash hands frequently.

In addition to these safety precautions, residents and staff are asked to:

  • Refrain from any unnecessary travel, especially on a plane.
  • Avoid being in close proximity to people outside one’s immediate household. And if with people outside one’s household, wear a mask.

Southminster’s “No Visitation” policy inside the main building, the Terraces and Cottages remains in effect. As a reminder, seating areas have been established throughout the exterior of the campus for family visitations, and all independent living residents have the ability to navigate on and off the campus as needed for essential items. Visitation for residents in Embrace Health is currently not allowed.
All Embrace Health Residents have received the first dose of the COVID vaccine, with the 2nd dose scheduled for the end of January. The majority of independent residents have either received or have appointments to receive the first vaccination dose. Southminster is providing transportation for those residents who need it, and we are also in the process of helping residents secure appointments for their second doses of the vaccine.

We wish everyone a Safe and Healthy 2021!

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