Physician Services / Pharmacy

Residents of Southminster enjoy the benefit of the newly renovated Embrace Clinic. Open Monday-Friday, the Embrace Clinic is staffed by the Wellness Nurse, a licensed registered nurse. Simple clinic services may include weight and blood pressure checks, lab work, wound management and bandaging, and consultations. Some services may have associated fees.

The Wellness Nurse can also accommodate services as directed by a “physician order.” Such services may include minor wound care or surgery follow-up, injections, or other services as directed by resident’s physician.

The Embrace Clinic is overseen by our Medical Director, Dr. Thad Clements.  Dr. Clements has weekly office hours making it convenient and easy for residents to receive primary care while living at Southminster.  Board certified in Family Medicine, Dr. Clements is a practicing physician with Novant Health Prosperity Family Physicians. He is also currently the president of the Carolinas Society for Post- Post-Acute and Long-Term Care Medicine.

Additional health related services available to Southminster residents include dentistry and on-site access to specialists in podiatry, audiology and psychiatry.

Guardian Pharmacy is Southminster’s contracted on-site pharmacy. Guardian is a full-service provider offering free consultations, home delivery and competitive pricing. Guardian also makes available convenient and easy to use “bubble packs.”

When visiting the pharmacy, residents will also discover a small convenience store similar to a local drug store filled with various sundries, greeting cards, and small groceries.