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Southminster’s fully-licensed
home care provider

Enjoy the security and convenience of customized home care in the comfort of your own home!

Just imagine what it would mean to your peace of mind and overall security to be able to live in the comfort of your own home while receiving attentive assistance from Southminster’s respected, professional and compassionate Care Team.

Today, much of what once required a clinical setting can be delivered without leaving your residence. As an extension of our “continuing care,” Southminster introduces Embrace Care, a fully-licensed home care provider. Whether living at Southminster or in your current home, Embrace Care can play a positive and supporting role in assessing, protecting and maintaining your health and well-being.

Embrace Care offers continuous in-home aide services designed to meet the unique health needs that you and your family may face, whether temporary or long term. The optimal goal is to provide general and comprehensive care to embrace one’s quality of life and provide healthy alternatives as your needs change. Care provided is based on a completed initial assessment by a registered nurse in collaboration with you, your family and your physician.

Carefully developed programs and services provide flexible individualized care options whenever you need them, all available to you without leaving the safety and comfort of your home. From helping you manage medications to simple companionship, Embrace Care’s broad spectrum of services will give you or your loved one increased understanding and control over personal medical matters and more freedom and choices in how you live your everyday life. These resources are also available to provide help and support for a spouse, or contribute to a much-needed break for overburdened family members and caregivers.

To learn more about Embrace Care and the services available to you in your home, please call our Embrace Care team at 704-551-7110.

Available In-Home Services include assistance with:

  • Activities Daily living (bathing, dressing, grooming, etc.)
  • Medication reminders
  • Companionship
  • Meal preparation
  • Memory support
  • Accompanying one to medical appointments
  • Light household chores
  • General errands
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Home Care Charlotte NC

home care Charlotte NC
Caring for your elderly loved ones is a fulfilling duty. Imagine being able to give back to them finally. They have provided so much while you were growing. During their golden years, the best that we can do is offer specialized and professional treatment in addressing their needs. This is one of the many reasons why some families prefer to have home care in Charlotte, NC.


Signs Your Elderly Loved Ones Need Home Care in Charlotte, NC


Let your loved ones receive the care and support they need without sending them to retirement communities. Opt for home care in Charlotte, NC. The various benefits it offers, such as comfort and convenience, are what made home care in Charlotte, NC truly appreciated.


Home care in Charlotte, NC gives adequate assistance to seniors without requiring them to leave the comfort of their homes. Knowing the signs that your elderly loved ones need home care in Charlotte, NC will help you decide if it is the right time to get this service. The following are some of the indicators that home care in Charlotte, NC is a must-have:


Signs Your Elderly Loved Ones Need Home Care in Charlotte, NC: Forgetfulness


Obliviousness can be an indication of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Some scenarios that show this symptom may include forgetting to turn off the stove or to lock the door. More urgently, important appointments and vital medications are missed. When you start to notice these things, consider hiring professionals for home care in Charlotte, NC.


Through home care in Charlotte, NC, trained individuals provide companionship and aid for seniors as they go through their daily activities or medical appointments. Home care in Charlotte, NC will also ensure that they will not miss their medications nor get lost when they travel.


Signs Your Elderly Loved Ones Need Home Care in Charlotte, NC: Unhealthy Diet


The dining habits of seniors must be monitored closely. If you notice your loved one has dramatically gained or lost weight, it can be an indication that you need home care in Charlotte, NC. Significant changes in weight show that they need help to prepare healthy and balanced meals on their own. Some seniors also tend to forget if they’ve already eaten and what they consumed.


One of the important roles of home care in Charlotte, NC includes meal preparation. Home care in Charlotte, NC ensures that those being cared for get adequate and the right nutrients.


Signs Your Elderly Loved Ones Need Home Care in Charlotte, NC: Poor Hygiene


As your loved ones get old, they also start to have difficulty in performing day-to-day activities, such as brushing their teeth, taking a bath, and dressing properly. Failing to observe personal hygiene is one of the major indicators that your elderly loved ones need home care in Charlotte, NC.


Neglecting this sign or delaying having home care in Charlotte, NC can place your loved one’s health in danger. Poor hygiene can lead to the development of various diseases. With the help of home care in Charlotte, NC, you can be assured that your loved ones will be able to clean themselves.


Are You Looking for a Provider of Home Care in Charlotte, NC? You Should Turn to Southminster


If you’re interested in getting services for home care in Charlotte, NC, turn to Southminster. Our professional and compassionate Team Care is dedicated to meeting the individual needs of our clients for home care in Charlotte, NC.


Our home care in Charlotte, NC includes, but is not limited to, assistance with activities for daily living, medication reminders, companionship, meal preparation, and memory support. Aside from home care in Charlotte, NC, we also offer skilled nursing, physical rehabilitation, assisted living, and many more.


If you have further inquiries about home care in Charlotte, NC, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. To learn more about our home care in Charlotte, NC, and other services, contact Southminster today!


A Paradise for Senior Living


Your retirement is a new chapter of your life that is best spent with a community where you can find support and care. You finally have all the time in the world to dedicate yourself to your hobbies and interests. With assistance from the right people for your health and other needs, you can enjoy your senior years with the lifestyle you truly deserve.


When it comes to retirement living, a community that cares for your mind, body, and spirit should be your top choice. With it, you can enjoy your senior years with a fulfilling and enriching experience. Whatever lifestyle choice you want to make for this stage of your life, Southminster is here to be your haven.


Personalized Solutions for Contemporary Senior Living


For more than 30 years, Southminster has provided responsible stewardship and care for senior citizens to answer their individual needs. It is our community’s goal to create a rich and rewarding environment where everyone can live independently and with access to first-rate healthcare. We continuously strive to give our residents the peace of mind they deserve through professional services founded on excellence and integrity.


Our respected and capable staff are trained to serve each individual under their care with the highest levels of ethical behavior and accountability. Above all, our efforts are always geared towards improving the lives of all residents in our community so that they may spend their years enjoying what life still has to offer. Whether it’s pursuing creative passions, learning, or even wellness, we offer our utmost support.


What Southminster Offers


Our community is more than just a residence where you can retire. Our facilities and program are designed to provide you with the best care, to promote your continuous growth through various activities, and to make your senior living comfortable. When you opt for Southminster, you are choosing a paradise fit for your golden years.




At Southminster, you can live at one of our three types of homes. The Terraces is a three-story building that houses all of our lifestyle amenities. In that building, you’re only a few steps away from everything. Our cottages are perfect if you are looking for a more independent style of living, and our apartments are ideal if you still prefer to be close to other residents.


Every type of home in our community is designed to promote an active lifestyle. As part of our promise to address every individual’s unique needs, we will accommodate your requests no matter where you choose to live. There are also various room types available. With them, you’ll be sure to find your place no matter the budget!


Healthcare Services


Through Embrace Health, we offer our residents various services. They include home care, skilled nursing, memory support, and assisted living. Our Wellness Clinic is managed by a licensed and registered nurse and welcomes walk-in appointments. Our physician is also available two days a week to provide aid for everyone in Southminster.


Additional health service professionals, such as a dentist and a psychiatrist, are also available for residents. The Guardian Pharmacy, our on-site facility, is open to people who need free consultations. Home deliveries for medicine are accommodated upon request.


Giving Back


At Southminster, we also strive to help the rest of the Charlotte community. We regularly do charitable work and donate to organizations to help others, especially those are working to rise from their circumstances. When you choose us, you are also supporting our advocacy of ensuring that others can also have a comfortable and fulfilling life.


Live Your Golden Years With Us


We at Southminster are eager to help you spend your retirement how you truly want to. Everything you need to experience a happy and fulfilling senior life is within your reach at our community. Visit us today to learn more!