Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a Life Plan Community?
Life Plan communities offer residents a full continuum of care while emphasizing lifelong learning, personal growth, wellness, and well-being. Residents benefit from a fulfilling lifestyle and enjoy peace of mind knowing that their future health needs will be met without having to relocate outside the community.

What is “maintenance-free living?”
Basically, it’s life without worrying about the upkeep and maintenance of a house. That means all exterior, interior, and appliance maintenance, as well as grounds keeping, grass cutting and leaf removal are included in your monthly fee. The fees also provide for trash removal, scheduled transportation, security personnel, and the emergency call system.

What fees are associated with living at Southminster?
There are primarily two fees, a one-time Entrance Fee, and an ongoing Monthly Service Fee.  The Entrance Fee assures you a residence at Southminster for the balance of your life whether one lives independently or in our health area.  Both “standard” and “refundable” entry fee options are available.  The Monthly Service Fee covers the monthly expenses associated with you living at Southminster including utilities, housekeeping, maintenance, the meal plan, use of the wellness center, and many of our activities.

Are any of the fees associated with living at Southminster tax-deductible?
Yes.  Current IRS rules allow a portion of your monthly service fee and entrance fee (in the year paid) to be considered as a pre-paid medical expense.  This amount may be added to your overall medical expenses and, to the extent then that your medical expenses are deductible, it may offer you a tax advantage.  Charges related to health services received through Embrace Care or Embrace Health are also allowable as medical expenses.  Early each year, you will receive a letter from Southminster’s independent auditors notifying you of the amounts determined acceptable as a pre-paid medical expense.  As with any item related to your tax situation, we recommend that you consult with your tax advisor.

What happens if my health status changes? 
One of the most important benefits of Southminster is the access to a variety of health services. No matter what your needs are, we’ve got the capacity to meet them on every level.  At Southminster, you’ll have the security of a full continuum of care that includes home care, assisted living, memory support, skilled nursing, and physical rehabilitation.

How will I know when I am ready to move to a Life Plan community? 
Obviously, making the move to a Life Plan community is a personal decision that needs to be made by every individual. We suggest that people move while they are physically capable of making a move and mentally able to enjoy the lifestyle here at Southminster.

May I customize my cottage or apartment? 
We encourage all of our residents to create their own ideal living space – we can even help you with the planning and execution. Depending on the extent of your renovations, you may have to get written approval before you begin. Of course, you’ll be responsible for all the costs associated with your improvements or modifications. Ownership of the addition or change automatically accrues to Southminster.

Is additional storage space available? 
Yes, each apartment has an additional storage area located off one of the residence halls.  Cottages have storage built into each residence.

How does the meal plan work? 
Southminster offers a flexible dining program allowing you the freedom to use your money as you see fit.  Each month your account is credited with a balance that you’re able to use either at breakfast, lunch or dinner.  You decide how much you want to spend on dining, when you want to dine and where you want to dine.  You’re even welcome to use your meal allowance for friends and family.  It’s your choice!

Will I pay real-estate taxes or need to carry home insurance? 
You will not pay any real estate taxes associated with your residence at Southminster.  As for insurance, residents of Southminster are required to carry insurance to protect the contents of their residence as well as an individual liability policy.

Do I have to be affiliated with one of the sponsoring churches to live at Southminster?
Definitely not! Southminster reaches out to people from all walks of life, and all faiths, and encourages them to become a part of our community.

Are pets welcome at Southminster?
Yes, we welcome your well-behaved cat or dog.  There is a small one-time pet deposit required.

How many vehicles may I bring?
Most of our residents who drive bring their cars, although couples often find they can easily get along with only one. However, if driving is one of the things you choose to leave behind, we regularly provide medical transportation for our residents and schedule weekly group transportation to local stores and banks.

Will it be difficult to meet new people at Southminster?
At Southminster we have an environment that encourages social interaction and an authentic sense of community.  Many of our residents come from outside the Charlotte area and are quick to make friends.

May I still work while living at Southminster?
Absolutely! We have accomplished professionals living at Southminster who continue to enjoy and excel in their careers. Others choose to apply their experience and skills serving on boards and committees here on campus or in the greater Charlotte area. Walking around the property, there’s a good chance you’ll run into some of the business and philanthropic leaders who built and continue to shape the greater Charlotte area.

Who decides when a resident must move permanently to either assisted living or skilled nursing? 
The decision is a collaborative effort involving the resident, the family, the resident’s physician, and the Health and Wellness Team.

Do residents have a voice in the operation of Southminster?
Absolutely. The residents appoint a Mayor to serve as their representative in regular meetings with the Southminster management and board. There are also many resident committees that help shape the daily goings on at Southminster ranging from a budget review committee to a communications committee.



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