Moms appreciate thoughtful gifts

Moms, aunts, in-laws, and the special women in your life will be delighted to get a thoughtful gift for Mother’s Day.

To help you find the perfect present, we’ve rounded up dozens of Mother’s Day gifts that she’s sure to love.

This list covers 8 different categories including activities, comfort, senior-friendly technology, music, and household aids.

8 categories of wonderful Mother’s Day gifts

1. Customized gift baskets
You know your older adult best, so why not create a custom gift basket filled with things they love?

All you need is a decorative basket (this one looks great and is easily reusable) and some great items to fill it with.


Favorite music albums and some delicious tea to sip while listening
A cozy throw blanket and a pair of comfy slippers
Cheese, fruit, crackers, and sparkling cider for an instant picnic
A few favorite movies and popcorn or hot chocolate mix
Lotions, soaps, and other pampering items in her favorite scent

2. Gifts that promote relaxation
Gifts that help your older adult relax and feel pampered are sure to be a hit.

A massage tailored for older adults
Plush heated electric throw blanket
A soothing weighted blanket or lap pad – especially helpful for those with dementia
Cozy wheelchair blanket that attaches with velcro – heavyweight or lightweight