Assisted Living

There comes a time when a little help with some of life’s daily activities may be needed. Activities of Daily Living or what is generally referred to as ADLs include basic self-care tasks such as dressing, bathing and grooming.

Residents in Southminster’s Assisted Living enjoy a warm, welcoming neighborhood where we celebrate each person’s individual level of independence. From the comfort and privacy of your own apartment, you’ll receive personal attention and services from an expert member of our health and wellness team. A calendar of life-enriching pursuits fills each day with meaningful activities and social opportunities. An exquisite dining experience, daily housekeeping, and laundry service are just a few of the services and amenities you’ll enjoy. Only if it’s a little assistance you need, life is better knowing that support is always nearby. Plus you’ll have the assurance of knowing that our licensed nursing staff is available 24 hours a day.

Assisted Living FlOOr Plans


Plan: Corner
Size: 765 sq ft
Neighborhood: Providence

Plan: Corner Reversed
Size: 765 sq ft
Neighborhood: Providence


Plan: Terrace
Size: 605 sq ft / 222 sq ft terrace
Neighborhood: Providence

Plan: Terrace Reversed
Size: 605 sq ft / 222 sq ft terrace
Neighborhood: Providence


Plan: Standard
Size: 600 sq ft
Neighborhood: Eastover

Plan: Standard Reversed
Size: 600 sq ft
Neighborhood: Eastover


Plan: Expanded
Size: 698 sq ft
Neighborhood: Providence

Assisted Living Level Four

Assisted Living Charlotte NC
Everyone wants to have the most rewarding lifestyle possible at any stage of life. When aging presents new challenges, the best solution depends on finding a safe living environment, surrounded by people who can help maintain your overall well-being. There are many excellent options for assisted living in Charlotte, NC.
Moving to a new community means big changes for everyone involved. That’s why it’s important to do your homework and learn everything about assisted living in Charlotte, NC. As you compare choices, you’ll find that Southminster stands out for its dedication to assisted living in Charlotte, NC, along with other options for continuing care.
Assisted Living in Charlotte, NC 101

Are you considering assisted living in Charlotte, NC for your loved one? This may seem like an overwhelming decision at first, but there is good information to guide you through the process. Here are some answers to questions about assisted living in Charlotte, NC:

How Can You Tell If Someone Needs Assisted Living in Charlotte, NC?

In the 1960s, Dr. Sidney Katz developed a system that determines if it’s time to consider assisted living in Charlotte, NC. Katz divided Activities of Daily Living (ADL) into the following categories:
Toileting (going to the bathroom)
Transferring (getting in and out of bed)
Continence (controlling bowel movement)

These ADLs have an equivalent value in Katz’s chart. A patient is given a 1 if they can complete the task and a 0 if they can’t. The total of these values is used by a professional to determine what kind of assisted living in Charlotte, NC will work best for each individual.

Aside from ADLs, there is a test for Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADL). It measures activities like socializing or preparing food. Like the ADL, IADLs are scored and totaled to assess a person’s need for assisted living in Charlotte, NC.
Taking this test is essential before evaluating the best options for assisted living in Charlotte, NC.

What’s the Set-Up for Assisted Living in Charlotte, NC?

Residences for assisted living in Charlotte, NC are different from nursing homes. They create home-like settings that promote independence. Residents in assisted living in Charlotte, NC live in apartments with a bedroom, bathroom, kitchenette, and living area.

Most retirement communities also have a shared area where everyone can gather. Here, people in assisted living in Charlotte, NC can socialize with other members of the community.

What Are the Benefits of Assisted Living in Charlotte, NC?

Both you and your loved ones can benefit from assisted living in Charlotte, NC. These communities offer activities that can stimulate physical and mental health. Centers for assisted living in Charlotte, NC also provide well-balanced meals to ensure proper nutrition and overall well-being.

Finding a beautiful campus that offers assisted living in Charlotte, NC, means you can be sure your loved one is safe and in good hands. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that they can enjoy and live a life with purpose as a resident of assisted living in Charlotte, NC.

Finding a Center for Assisted Living in Charlotte, NC

Finding the right fit for assisted living in Charlotte, NC makes all the difference in daily life, so it’s important to be meticulous in picking the right place. You’ll know when you find the ideal community for assisted living in Charlotte, NC. You’ll immediately gain peace of mind that your loved one is secure and well cared for.

Southminster: A NeighborhOOd for Assisted Living in Charlotte, NC

In looking for a center that offers assisted living, Charlotte, NC residents should turn to Southminster. We enhance life with beautiful living spaces and an innovative approach to care that’s unmatched in the area.

Live a life with purpose. Contact Southminster today. We’re eager to tell you more about ways we excel at providing services for assisted living in Charlotte, NC.

Senior Living At Its Best
Your retirement is a new chapter of your life best spent in a welcoming community where you can find support and continuing care as your needs change. You finally have time to dedicate yourself to your hobbies and interests. With assistance from the right people, wellness facilities, activities and exceptional dining, you can enjoy your senior years and the lifestyle you truly deserve.
When it comes to retirement living, a community that cares for your mind, body, and spirit should be your top choice. It will enable you to enjoy your senior years with fulfilling and enriching experiences. Whatever lifestyle you choose to enhance this stage of your life, Southminster is here for you.
Personalized Solutions for Contemporary Senior Living
For more than 30 years, Southminster has provided responsible stewardship and care for seniors, with a focus on meeting individual needs. It is our community’s goal to create a rich and rewarding community where everyone can live independently with access to first-rate healthcare when they need it. We continuously strive to give our residents the peace of mind they deserve through professional services founded on excellence and integrity.
Our respected and capable staff is trained to serve each individual with the highest levels of ethical behavior and accountability. Above all, our efforts are always geared toward improving the lives of all residents in our community so that they may spend their years enjoying the best life has to offer. Whether it’s pursuing creative passions, learning, or maintain health and wellness, we offer ongoing support.
What Southminster Offers

Our community is more than just a place to live. Our amenities and programs are designed to provide you with the best care, to promote your continuous growth through various activities, and to enrich your life with friendships and a great social life. When you move to Southminster, your world is filled with new possibilities.


At Southminster, you can choose from three types of homes. Living in one of our three-story Terraces buildings puts you steps away from all our lifestyle amenities, activities and advantages. Our cottages are perfect if you are looking for living that feels like a single-family home, and our apartments are ideal if you want to be close to neighbors.

Every type of home in our community is designed to promote an active lifestyle. As part of our promise to address every individual’s unique needs, we will accommodate your requests no matter where you choose to live.

Healthcare Services

Through Embrace Health, we offer our residents various services. They include home care, skilled nursing, memory support, and assisted living. Our Wellness Clinic is managed by a licensed and registered nurse and welcomes walk-in appointments. Our physician is also available each week to provide care for everyone in Southminster.

Additional health service professionals, such as a dentist and a psychiatrist, are also available for residents. Our on-site pharmacy is open to people who need free consultations. Home deliveries for medicine are accommodated upon request.

Giving Back

At Southminster, we also strive to help the rest of the Charlotte community. We regularly do charitable work and donate to organizations to help others, especially those working to improve themselves and their circumstances. When you choose us, you are also supporting our advocacy efforts to ensure that others can also have comfortable and fulfilling lives.

Live Your Best Life With Us
We at Southminster are eager to help you spend your retirement exactly as you want. Everything you need to experience a happy and fulfilling senior life is within your reach here with us. Visit today to learn more!