Improve life for seniors with dementia with simple products

Seniors with Alzheimer’s or dementia may often get anxious, agitated, or angry.

Using simple, non-drug products is an effective way to calm and soothe and may also help avoid triggering challenging behavior.

We rounded up 10 simple, effective products for people with dementia that improve quality of life by reducing anxiety, increasing comfort, and providing entertainment.

1. Sound reduction
Noisy environments like stores or restaurants can cause sensory overload for someone with dementia.

Wearing earplugs or ear protection to muffle the sounds can help them stay calm and enjoy an outing.

These $10 earplugs and these $15 ear protectors are inexpensive and have great customer feedback.

products for people with dementia

2. Comforting stuffed animals
An effective, drug-free way to calm and soothe someone with dementia is to give them a soft toy they can cuddle and interact with.

People who can no longer have pets may feel especially comforted by a stuffed animal that looks like a former pet.